Founding Umeita Design

We’re excited to announce the launch of Umeita Design, a new-age design agency and studio providing results-driven solutions for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs). Through measurable analytics, theory-driven design recommendations, and solutions that encompass years of technology and business acumen, our goal is to help you improve the overall experience of your users, and ultimately, increase your revenue.

Umeita Design was founded at the end of July in 2019 by several native Bostonians. Between our team, we’ve accumulated several decades of combined experience in the design, development, branding, and marketing spaces.

Individually, each one of us has worked on several exciting Boston startups, several of which are funded and still in the rapid growth phase. Together, we have extensive knowledge of the human factors that drive how people use and interact with digital products.

Our inspiration behind starting HubShop is knowing the pain first-hand that small businesses and startups face. We’ve identified and created a solution that allows SMBs to access the same resources and tools that larger companies with bloated design and engineering departments can afford. Here at HubShop, all of us are extremely passionate about working for a modern agency that helps smaller companies grow. Together, we aim to produce value for your business through the creation of great customer experiences, analysis of your existing design stack, and understanding the pain points that keep your customers from providing you more value.

If you’re interested in learning more or want to reach out, get in touch with us at one of our channels below. We look forward to connecting with you!

About Us

Umeita Design is a full-service user experience shop based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Our team is passionate about working closely with startups and smaller businesses to meticulously craft and develop an experience their users won’t forget.

Our mantra is design first, but we also speak the languages of technology and business, making sure whatever we design is not only technically feasible, but also fits within whatever financial or time constraints you are working under.

Umeita is composed of a team of seasoned experts that bring to the table decades of experience working with businesses in a variety of industries and a handful of mediums, from security to consumer goods, and from interactive web applications to responsive websites.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s chat about your needs today.